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African Social Workers Ireland

Empowering communities, transforming lives

 Uniting African social workers to create lasting change in Ireland.

Our Aim

African Social Workers Ireland (ASWI) is dedicated to promoting the rights of Africans and people of African descent's families and children, as well as building bridges between African communities and Irish society

What We Do


Encourage the Irish government to support and engage with African families and their children by implementing policies, services, and protections for people of African descent.

Recognition of ASWI Representatives

Engage the Irish government to recognize the role of ASWI representatives in the decade's work at the national level and establish a European model involving various stakeholders.


Inform the public about the issues faced by African families and children, sparking a public conversation around these matters.

Collaboration with Authorities and Organisations

Meet with Irish authorities responsible for family and children representatives, as well as civil society organisations, to discuss utilising the Decade as an opportunity for collaboration, addressing community issues, and advocating for improved policies.

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